LPIII & The Tragedy only joined forces in 2014, but has a cow-punk past going back for decades.


Members of LP3 & The Tragedy sprouted from the Pan American roots of Los Lobos and are tweaked by the dark swampy blues of the Gun Club.


Some members have refined their chops in punk, 60's garage rock and funk, but inevitably turned their attention to the roots of it all.


United and propelled with a sense of family through blood, touring, and DIY culture, LPIII & The Tragedy possess a staggering combined mass of musical taste, talent, and muscle memory.  They have the  excitement of a novice, vulnerability of a baby, and unlimited potential to match.


A new band to breathe new life into classic riffs, celebrate heartbreak as if it never happened before, and remind even the most jaded ears why Rock 'N' Roll will always matter. ​

© 2017 by LPIII & The Tragedy